I feel hibernative; ready to curl up with a cup of tea and settle in for a long winter.  I am genetically pre-disposed to this, my Mom hibernates too. Obviously I tend towards year-round crafting, but for others I would say that this is the season for crafting. People are coming indoors, and there is time to make personalized gifts and cards for the holidays. Ahhhh, it's a good time of year.
And if you believe that the life cycle is similar to the cycle of a year, then I would say that retirement is similar to the fall.  For me, I imagine summer as that busy time in life where you are working and raising kids, and doing "the adult thing" and then fall comes with it's gentle changes when you have time for the things you enjoy. 
My husband asked me to make a Retirement card for a couple who had both recently retired. I wanted to make it about the two of them and not too feminine or
masculine. I was told that they are young-spirited and full of fun, so I also didn't want to make it old and stodgy.  I was inspired by Connie Babbert over at Inkspired Treasures.  My take is over there -> 
I knew I wanted to use the Happy Hour stamp set and they grey and yellow combination I felt was perfect for a couple. 

How about you? Do you like the fall? How do you picture your retirement? Mine I think will include a lot of crafting :)
10/22/2012 02:26:23 pm

Love this retirement card - colour scheme, texture and cute image! And retirement is great! You really do get to do what you want - look at me! I get to stamp. A LOT!


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