Like many other creative individuals out there, I sometimes take my skills out of the craft room and utilize them in other places.  I have been known to work with wood in times past; for example, for my wedding my Mom and I built a cedar arbour.  BTW, my Mom is always involved in my wood projects because she's "the one with all the tools."  This time it is a desk, a cute desk, that my Mom could see had lots of possibility.  While my Mom will tell you she isn't crafty or creative, she does see see opportunities where others do not, and she will strive to make those opportunities become realities. Yeah, she's a really neat lady... one of my most favourite in the world, in fact ;) 

So, there is this desk, this cute desk, and just as I began polishing the opportunity into reality I realized that I best take a "before picture." Here they are:
Desk Before
Desk Top Before
I had already taken the knobs off, they were round brass with faux wood centres (Blech!) But isn't it cute? You may be wondering if this is relevant to a stamping, card-making, scrapbooking blog. Here are my reasonings 1. It is a crafty project, 2. When it is finished and beautiful it will be my new craft desk, 3. I saw a stunning little writing desk at Stampin' Up headquarters when I was there which inspired me to model the finishing of this desk. 

After three and a half hours of sanding this is what I accomplished:
I hope you can see the difference... I sure could.  The nicks and dings were all ironed out and it was smooth and soft.  I was feeling pretty pleased with myself.  I have to pick up some new sandpaper this week and then I'll get back after it again.  There will be a few more posts soon (I'm sure) before the reality is real. 

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