That's right it is time again for 10 Weeks of Christmas Post #4!! 

When you are ready to go out to cut down your Christmas tree from the woods (unless you cut your tree down from the box in the garage like many right-minded city-dwelling individuals) you will undoubtedly consider the proper tool fo the job, and not go at that woody stump with a steak knife, but with a nice sharp ax.  This is enable you to complete the job in an appropriate amount of time and do less damage both to yourself and to the tree. 

For this weeks post I wanted to tell you all about the exclusive new Stampin Trimmer.  It has just become available and it is a tool that every paper-crafter needs to have at their fingertips.  It is the sharp ax in the toolshed...now you see where I was going with that.  

This nifty gadget is not only cuts, but scores too! It has a full 12" cutting
track so that you can cut and score full 12" sheets of designer paper or
cardstock. It has extra space on the top and the bottom for both the cutting and scoring blades so both can be on the track at the same time. 

The Stampin Trimmer also has an extended measuring base of 6 1/4" which provides you with a larger work area and means that you can make common cuts and scores without using the extendable arm. The extendable ruler arm pulls out and extends to 15 1/2" for all your cutting and measuring needs. The rulers have increments down to 1/16" and the grid lines are 1/4" 

There is also a handy dandy storage compartment under the base to store extra blades and other tools for when you travel to a crop. 

I will admit that I have been waiting not so patiently for the Stampin' Trimmer since I got the new annual catalog in May. The cutter I had was cheap and flimsy and small and inadequate in every way. I was embarrased to use it in front of people.  So, I was heaps of happy when we were finally able to order the new Trimmer.  And I find mine so convenient. Not only can I score and cut with one product it also works so slick and smooth.  Once you try it you won't go back. 
To get yourself a shiny new ax to cut down the perfect Christmas tree I would recommend Home Depot. But if you would like to order the new Stampin Trimmer (126889) it is $41.95 (plus shipping and taxes...unless you order it in your customizable starter kit which has no shipping and taxes). 

Let me know what you think of the new trimmer in the comments below.   

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