Around here, in the beautiful Okanagan valley, it has just started feeling like fall. So, can you please explain to me exactly, how it is actually only 10 WEEKS until that jolly fat man in the red suit will be breaking and entering all over the world again?  That is 70 days people!! WOW!!

Well, to celebrate the on-coming festive season I will be doing special 10 weeks of Christmas posts featuring my must-have Christmas items and lots of great ideas for gifts, cards, decor and more. PLUS! There may even be some SURPRISES! 
hint: keep reading.

This week features the must-have Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps.  I have so many friends who try these out and fall in love with them. The stamps come with a super-duper easy cookie recipe and they are just so darn easy to use that all the kids can squish the cookies with the stamps and they always come out perfect. There are three sets to choose from and each comes with a wood handle and three silicone stamps.
My new Holidays Cookie Stamps are currently on the road being shipped to me today. I can't wait! And you shouldn't wait to make these a part of your holiday traditions either. In fact, to make it these stamps even sweeter, I will offer NO SHIPPING COSTS for all the cookie stamp orders that are placed by this Saturday, October 20th by 12 noon!  You will get your order just in time to whip up some cookies for a Halloween party :)  

Mmmm. I love cookies.....


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