Well, I may be a day late (and likely a dollar short too, I suppose) but here is the 10 Weeks of Christmas post #9.  As it happens, the boys and I brought out the decorations and decked our tree this evening.      
We opted to decorate our tree with all of our homemade and memory keeper ornaments this year. Our memory keeper ornaments include "Baby's First Christmas" ornaments, ornaments with pictures of the kids, and I try to get the boys an ornament every year, so those are up there too. We also started a tradition of trying to buy a Christmas ornament whenever we go somewhere new - this year we got one when we made a family trip through Jasper National Park, one from Stampin' Up Convention, and one from Las Vegas! I love that now when we decorate our tree we can reflect on all those family memories. 

I wanted to share with you all a few easy-to-make Christmas tree ornaments that can be made and given as gifts  or made with your kids to enjoy year after year. 
Salt dough ornaments stamped in ink with Stampin' Up Cookie Stamps. Kudos go to Jill Buehler for these.
Glass ornament filled with curled First Edition Paper and Glimmer Paper topped with a Scalloped Tulle bow. Kudos to Desiree Spenst for this beauty.
Glass ball filled with curled red paper, wrapped with Glimmer Paper coloured black and a Silver Glimmer belt buckle. Kudos to Becky Fleck.
Varied strips of designer series paper and a strip of red cardstock held with mini brads at the top and bottom. Kudos to Holly Finney for this great gift.
Those are some pretty ornaments that won't break the bank to create and give this holiday season. 
Lastly, I wanted to share y favourite photo from our tree decorating sess this evening.  This is Chae wearing his newly created "moose hat", of course with his hands as the antlers.  He didn't participate too long, but was all smiles while he did.  My older son, Liam, actually did most of the decorating while dancing and listening to not deck the halls..... Gangnam Style, of course. I didn't realize it was a holiday song, but hey....it worked and why not ;) 
Happy Holidays!


12/12/2012 10:43pm

Look at all your beautiful handmade ornaments!! The homemade moose is pretty darn cute too :)

Stampin Up with Amanda
12/12/2012 11:12pm

Thank you! Beautiful gifts from beautiful people in my life :)

I like my moose.

12/13/2012 2:43pm

awesome evening of family fun, thanks for the kudos


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