Put your hand up if you were once a kid.

What was your favourite toy? 

My son is turning 9 next week (which is extremely hard to believe) and his favourite toys are Ninjago. 

It's these little lego guys that (essentially) stand on tops and when you spin them you try to knock the other little Ninja off his top.  They're pretty cool.

Anyhoo, of course with birthdays come... birthday parties. Woo Hoo!  For parties to be fun you need people, and to get people you need...Invitations. I knew I wanted to make Ninjago invites for him, but suddently I realized that
it was only a week until the party - ACK!  Stampin' Up comes to the rescue.  Check these out:

I made these especially for my Liam to hand out and boy was he ever proud and stoked to give these to his friends.  
It was a "good Mom day." Sometimes it's the little things, right?  >sigh< >smile< >pat on back<  

I designed, made, and delivered these so fast, you would not even believe it!
I used Real Red cardstock with the Chevron Embossing Folder for the background. For his head I used Daffodil Delight cardstock and the Apothecary Accent Framelit (then cut the ends off). His angry eyebrows are the wavy Bitty Banner Framelit (with the notches cut off either end). His eyes are just the 3/4" circle punch and the Itty bitty Shapes Circle Punch. 

I had a lot of fun stepping out of my usual box and creating something unique just for my son. And, if it keeps me young...bonus :) 
9/15/2012 03:00:01 pm

yay. mama to the rescue. Awesome invitations

9/16/2012 10:46:18 am

Thanks Lise! It is nice to be a super hero once in awhile :)

9/15/2012 04:04:25 pm

So creative, Amanda! I bet your son thought you were awesome!

9/16/2012 10:47:22 am

He sure did Heather. Thanks for your comment. :)

9/16/2012 06:41:17 am

i love it when others are outside the box....i am still sitting on the edge...

9/16/2012 10:50:30 am

It's liberating to create unique cards. It gives me a chance to stretch out and it ends up opening up more new possibilities. When the right opportunity arises you will be perfectly poised to take a leap. :)


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