Yep I was "one of those" kids. Back to school was my favourite time of year.  And somehow that has stayed with me. I love the idea of school shopping; new crisp clothes, new school shoes and hold me back from the stationary aisle!  You may have surmised by my hobbies that I love stationary! That is a whole other blog post...

My oldest son, Liam, headed back to school today (Grade 4, the start of "intermediate" and the beginning of "real grades") and he was neither excited nor disappointed about school starting.  He was accepting of reality and fairly
indifferent. Huh. Well. Whatever.  My youngest son, Chae, went for his first day of Preschool today! He cried.
Wow!  First day of school just ain't as exciting as it used to be!

Well, maybe not for them, but... remember that desk that I started re-doing a couple of months ago?   
It's finished!  I went to clean her up and start priming but it just came together lickity-split (plus it was threatening to rain so I had to hussle up or clean pain supplies twice).   
Reminder of the not so distant past
Fresh new coat of paint and new pretty shiny knobs
And here it is all tucked into my Idea Studio with my new pegbaord and all my Stampin' Up goodies.
Doesn't it just make you want to craft up a storm?  It sure does for me.  I am such a happy lady to have my new sweet little desk in and all my supplies put away within reach.  By this weekend I'll have all the rest of the decorations up then I'll be able to give you "the grand tour." 

Thanks for stopping and seeing my newest project :) 
9/5/2012 01:46:58 am

Your desk is awesome and I like your pegboard idea. Looks so organized! :S

Stampin Up with Amanda
9/5/2012 03:25:30 am

Thanks Heather. While I'm usually the closed and contained storage type personality for this I realy like having everything in view and within arms length. For how long it will stay organized....that's the question. ;)

9/5/2012 02:16:14 am

Love it!! It looks amazing, and so nice and clean and organized!!! It DEFINITELY makes me want to craft up a storm - can I stamp on your desk? Mine's too messy. ;)

Stampin Up with Amanda
9/5/2012 03:26:21 am

Thanks Desiree. I knew you would love it.
And yes you can. What time? ;)

9/5/2012 04:19:27 am

cozy, cute, creative corner


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