For my 10 Weeks of Christmas Post #3 I want to let you know that Digital Scrapbooking Day is this Sunday November 5th. You know that extra hour you're gonna get? Now you know how to use it :)  

My Digital Studio 2  (or MDS2) is the digital software from Stampin' Up that you can use to create projects on your computer.  The 10 weeks of Christmas logo is one example of things that I have created, but you can create scrapbook pages, calendars, cards, photobooks, swatchbooks, facebook banners, and whatever else your imagination and creativity can dream up.  

Some of the things that I think are unique about digital designing are:
1. it takes up MUCH less space than regular crafting - all your supplies are in your computer. 
2. it is SO easy to create and complete a beautiful project using the designer templates - you can literally drag and drop pictures and add your personalized text and be done. 
3. it takes NO EXTRA TIME to make multiple items - you design one card (or calendar or photobook) and you can print it multiple times.
4. it is VERY portable - when you download to a laptop you can take it with you wherever you go.

If there is a week for you to delve in and give it a try... this is it.  You can download a FREE trial of My Digital Studio 2 software here.  Then you can download three FREE downloads here.  And then you can get 50% off most digital kids here

To get started using your free My Digital Studio 2 trial you can check out www.mydigitalstudio.net for lots of short tutorials, tips, and project ideas so that you can start creating today! Or I am happy to help you learn more about the software at my next free MDS class (next Wednesday, November 7th at 7pm).

If you are considering creating projects for Christmas (and why wouldn't you be) then just circle December 3rd on your calendar, because  you will want to order your products by then to have them delivered in time for Christmas. It is also worth mentioning that printing your creations is totaly affordable. Stampin' Up just recently reduced printing costs of all products by half and the quality is bar-none!

This week not only takes all the fear out of trying (it's FREE for Pete's sake) but we also have an excuse to try because it is Digital Scrapbooking Day this Sunday. You can share what you create by posting a comment below.  
Go on. Pour a coffee. Press the Download now button. Jump in. There's nothing to lose and a fun, new creative outlet to gain. 



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