Youw ill be happy to know that I did not spend my long weekend in front of my computer entirely, but I did sneak away to play with My Digital Studio 2+.  As mentioned before I tinkered with digital designing last year using Microsoft Publisher...I was able to do some basics and that was fine with me. Though there were some things I would have liked to do, but it just didn't have that capacity.  Now, with My Digital Studio 2 I thought why not give it a test drive.  
As we were camping I did not have any access to tutorials on the web or anything, so my first try out of the gate I created a 12x12 scrapbook page using a designer template and that was really super easy.  Here it is:    
Not too bad, hey?  But then again, using an already designed page makes it pretty difficult to mess it up.  So then I decided to stretch myself a bit and create a 12x12 page from a blank canvas.  MDS 2 is fairly easy to navigate. I found the elements I was looking for quickly and could add and delete them to my layout with the click of a button.  Here is my solo attempt:
What do you think? I was inspired by the background paper with all the &s.  I love that it features pictures of my oldest son and I at different times over last few years.  I really like the overlay, the stamps, the ribbon, actually I really like the whole darn thing :)  I'm looking forward to looking at some of the tutorials and trying even more new cool techniques with the new MDS 2...stay tuned for more soon.


08/08/2012 11:09pm

Very cool!! Glad to see you have dipped your toe into the waters of MDS possibility :)


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