Early morning this morning. We lined up early and went straight to Momento Mall, a place to buy exclusive Convention goodies.  Desiree and I then headed to a focus group where we discussed the catalog - that was a cool experience.
Then we went to join the rest of the group and accompany Desiree to the Awards booth.  We were all so ridiculously thrilled when she found out that she earned the Founders Circle!  It is the most prestigious award that Stampin' Up! grants.  She is one of the top 20 demonstators in Canada!  We are just ridiculously proud.   

We had celebratory lunch across the street at Toasters. Then, we made our way down to the Make and Take area and started some of the make and take projects with our NEW stamp sets!  Here is Heather, Desiree, and Holly working away.  Pictures of projects will have to come after I get home as I couldn't get mine finished.

 Then we got to go on the bus tour to Riverton to the Stampin' Up! Home Office.   There we got to see a bunch of really cute home decor ideas. 
Here is the distribution centre where they fill the packages.  They have a conveyor belt that circulates throughout the warehouse (can only see it going up a bit on the bottom right of the picture). 

The idea room was my favourite place in the place. Very creative, open, fun, spontaneous, invigorating.  I'm gonna change the name of my craft room to my "idea room" when I get home.  Here is me, Sarah, Desiree, Heather, and Holly chillin in the idea room. 

Lastly, we headed out to the street sign and had some "rockin" pictures taken ;)

Well, that's it for tonight. My brain and body are so very tired and I have to get up early as the Sessions all start tomorrow.  More to come tomorrow....
7/20/2012 01:43:02 pm

Looks like so much fun! I miss Tara!! Can't wait 'til my next SU! event and I get to catch up with these great ladies!!!


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