If there is one thing I know about this time of year it is how complicated things can be.  Christmas holidays can mean more more stuff to do, more people to see, and less time to fit it all in. Family can be complicated.  Coordinating schedules can be complicated. Gift-giving can be complicated. I hope that todays 10 Weeks of Christmas Post #8 will uncomplicate things, even just a tad for you this year. 

If you have seen the holiday catalog, you have no doubt taken notice of the gorgeous decoration hanging on the cover.  The re-creation of this decoration from scratch will require extensive investment in time and effort that many of us do not have.    But, never fear!

To uncomplicate the holidays, Stampin' Up has released a limited number of kits which include all the pieces (already stamped and cut!) to make 10 of these beautiful ornaments for only $17.95!!  All you need (in addition to the kit) is a glue gun, adhesive glue stick, and scissors. 

I plan to make these beauties and give them to colleagues, teachers, and coaches as a little token of my holiday spirit.
Order now so you will have plenty of time to make them for Christmas gifting—or for your family tree! Online orders available here or give me a call and let me know that you want a Ornamental Elegance Kit. 

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