The last day of I am's... First session was I am Making Money by Pam Morgan . Hmmm, definitely want to be taking that one. She highlighted several demonstrators who are doing business in many ways and shared some of their top tips. One of my favourites was to focus on my strengths. I like having the permission to do things in a different way than others. 

Next I heaed to another session with Emily Montoya titled, I am starting out.  I have to say that I really like her. She is an engaging speaker with a great sense of humour and a giving spirit.  She likened doing Stampin' Up as a business to playing a game, in that both have rules, strategies, and rewards - such a neat way of looking at it. 

The last session of the day was with Brian Pilling (the only session I attended with a male presenter) titled I am a leader. Only what he really wanted to call it was I am a bad leader as it discussed how to not be a bad leader.  This was JAM PACKED with info that I will be looking into in more depth because it's good to have these strategies in LIFE. 

In the last general session I thought I better take a picture of the crowd and the big Convention room for you to see what it was like. 
And this isn't all of it, obviously there are many more to the left and to the right as well.  I was on the top of the bleachers in the middle left, but there were  bleachers all to the left and right of me too.  Just HUGE! And everyone is so happy and excited, dancing, and it's like a huge party with 3500 of your closest friends.  Amzing!
During the last general session we found out that the next Grand Vacation getaway is 2014 is going to be............................drum roll please........................... A Western Carribean Cruise!!!!
That's worth working for I'd say. 
As well, everyone was was given a couple of stamp sets...so cool.  Here we are with our brand new Ronald McDonald House Charity set, Moving Forward.  Look for this to be used in my upcoming classes. 

Speaking of moving forward, I definitely feel like this Convention has inspired me to move forward with my business and has given me much more than a suitcase full of ideas, inspiration, and product. It has also given me new friends, and many memories to keep forever.

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