My first session today was I am earning an incentive trip with Karen Hauley.  Some of you may know that my leader, Desiree Spenst, earned the last two years' incentive trips. This year her family travelled (all expenses paid) to Walt Disney World Florida.  Next spring her husband and her will be travelling to Fiji!  Amazing! I love that Stampin' Up recognizes in such a huge way the work and accomplishments of the demonstrators.  The main idea from this session was to introduce what you do everywhere you go.  Oh, and I made up a new quote  
    "A goal shouold scare you a little, and scare you a lot"  
                                                                            --Amanda Turner
The original was "A goal should scare you a little, and excite you a lot" but our team has decided to adopt mine. When I think about the big goals I am setting for myself this year it scares me and then when I really think about them it scares me more.  LOL!  We'll be finding out tomorrow where the next Grand Vacation Incentive trip will be for next year. 
                                                                   Where do you think it will be??

The second session was with Jill Leigh called I am a first-time recruiter...which I am.  There were SO many ideas shared in this workshop...too many to list.  The main thing was to offer the opportunity to everyone, you never know who may be interested in joining Stampin' Up and earning all the wonderful rewards.  

The last session of today was I am Reaching Out with Emily Montoya and it was about how to reach out to those in Generation Y.  Even though I am a Gen Y I haven't had the experiences of many of those in my generation, so it was really interesting and reflective.  Many ideas around comunication and tools for effective communication - like texting. 
This evening the rest of my friends went to an additional optional class, but I had opted out and instead went for dinner at Squatters (the oldest brewery in SLC) with my family who lives in Salt Lake City.  I don't get to see them as much as I would have like, so we really enoyed our chances to visit, catch up, reminisce, and of course, eat. :)



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