That's the tagline that is supposed to follow my blog titile. 
Got Stamped.....Better than getting Punched.  <- Insert spontaneous gutteral laugh here.

Punches are something that are COMPLETELY new to me.  No joke. I have been papercrafting for over 10 years, but have never owned a punch.  In fact, I only
saw someone use them for the first time last year.  This isn't to say I never cut anything out, OH NO, I was a hand-cutter. <- Insert appalled gasp here. 

Yep, I have hand-cut everything from flowers, to circles, to tags, to edges, to intricate calligraphy titles. I've done it all. 

Now that I have been introduced to punches, they are like this magical unicorn, which I could imagine but never knew truly existed.  I mean to say, I like them... a lot.  So, I use them... a lot. 

I REALLY like the effect of punching out someone, oops, er, I mean something (Ha ha!) and allowing a different pattern to peek through. 

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